The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to him his own.
-Benjamin Disraeli

Join in uplifting girls who have the potential to change our world with a community of support! Volunteers are needed for My Circle of Girls to help guide girl participants and their families (up to two guardians) during activities. MyCoG volunteers are in a great position of service as they support girls through activities and simultaneously witness them discover their strengths and abilities.

Volunteerism is a major part of My Circle of Girls’ foundation and continues to be vital to our growth! My Circle of Girls seeks volunteers for our activities that vary month-to-month. Volunteers are critical to our success as they help with executing event logistics and assisting our girls as they complete activities.

What is in it for Volunteers?

Volunteers will work with a unique community of youth
Volunteers will meet new people
Volunteers will help with raising autism awareness in the community
Volunteers will gain volunteer experience in a variety of roles
Volunteers will celebrate girls and their amazing talents

What is the commitment?
Volunteering does not require a formal commitment, however, all volunteers are asked to be present and active with the group for at least a two hour period per event. Volunteers must commit to being kind, fair, and professional when working with the participants. Volunteers will work with the participant and up to two parents/guardians escorting the youth.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, email mycircleofgirls@gmail.com.